According to UNDP report Pakistan is the lowest in rank in human development index with a high fertility rate than the neighboring countries. According to the report published by state bank of Pakistan 62 million people are sustaining on less than $1 a day. The global economic crises and lack of government commitment are considered the major factors in this regard. To bring positive changes through human resource development and built the capacity of women & youth for a decent employment opportunity WISES established vocational training centers at Sujawal in district Thatta and Karachi. Courses offered at the centers would enable the women and youth to earn in a dignifying way and will participate in the main stream economic generation activities of the country.

Poverty reduction through Skill Development

WISES emphasizes on the creation of opportunities to enhance the creative skills, personal and social skills such as conflict resolution as well as vocational and job skills of the community. WISES have been imparting skill training in the field of handicraft, stitching and cutting, cooking, computer courses and English language courses. WISES have developed vocational centers at Badin and Sujawal in this regard. WISES have organized few exhibitions to display the handmade garments, by the women of rural areas.