It is the fundamental right of every human being to be protected and providing an environment where he/she will feel safe and protected. The constitution of the country guaranteed equal rights to the entire citizen including women and children and the constitution also additionally affords and ensures the full participation of female in all sphere of national life. But unfortunately these rights are not only brutally violated and but also a limited opportunities are available to exercise them. The recent report released by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs shows that significant portions of female do not feel their rights are protected, on the other hand half of Pakistanis’ girls marry at the age 20 with the figure of at 60% are rural girls. Thirty percent of women are pregnant or have a birth by the age of 19 years only. Due to the traditional practices the numbers of cases of violence against women and children are increasing day by day. Therefore, WISES mission is to protect women and children from all kind of abuse, violence, exploitation, forced labor and to create an environment where opportunities are provided to them to exercise their rights in work place, community and at home, so that they can play a vital role in main stream developmental process.

Child Protection

A large proportion of Pakistan’s population comprises of children under the age of 18years. A child is not protected until one or more of his/her right is denied or violated. The denial of child rights is very critical both for the children and society. Once a child experienced such a difficult situation in life, it leaves a permanent risky emotional or physical mark on child’s growth. A multiple factors are associated to child protection such as poverty, illiteracy, large family size, armed conflict, and lack of awareness regarding the child rights by both the parents and caregivers. It is a fact that it’s only the children and women who have face the worst affect of poverty and always remain the direct victim of every social evil. WISES aims to protect the future of our nation by raising awareness regarding the child protection and creating an environment where every child has the opportunities to exercise it. The overall condition of the children are disappointing one, according to ILO report more than 14 million children are involve in child labor, 48% of country’s children are suffering from malnutrition and due to poor health condition in Pakistan 2000 children under the age of five die daily basis. The convention on the rights of the child (1989) outlines the fundamental rights of child including the right to be protected from economic exploitation and harmful work, from all forms of sexual exploitation, and from physical and emotional abuse.

Women Protection

In Pakistan more than half of the population comprises of female but their contribution towards the development of society is on the wane because they are the subject of worst form of discrimination and exploitation. The society in general, is a less gender sensitive society and very limited or no steps are taken in this regard, still women are considered to remain in their houses. On the other hand the traditional practices lead to more deprivation and exploitation of the female. WISES believes in a non violent society and striving for the creation of egalitarian society and especially want to protect vulnerable section of society i.e. women. We cannot progress until we provide equal opportunities to women in all sphere of life. We should work gradually to eliminate biased attitude and exploitation against women. We need to change our typical mind set about women. It’s a gigantic task and needs sustained efforts of all the stakeholders to improve the social condition of women folk in order to develop our society and our country. Our work in this regard may be term as first drop of rain but we earnestly believes that journey of a thousand miles begins from a single step.

Our mission: to change the life of those, who have no hope!