Good health is the only sign of hope in the life of poor’s. Being poor and sick one gradually gets trapped in the cycle of poverty for a longer time. On the other hand being free form sickness and diseases allow children to attend school and to participate in healthy activities and finally it will give them the opportunity to be a breadwinner for their families. In Pakistan access to health care services is a matter of concern in both rural and urban areas. Majority of population have no easy access to health care services and more than71% of population receiving health care services from private sector in both rural and urban areas. Every year millions of children and women die mostly from preventable diseases. Therefore, the majority of population is facing difficulty to access health services due to the lack of infrastructure including hospitals, qualified staff and proper medicines.

Primary Health Care Services

WISES has been actively engaged in providing health care services through health care centers, medical camps and mobile service units. In Pakistan majority of population have lack of knowledge and awareness about the basic principle of personal health. Hence, the country has experienced high mortality rate in South Asia. Therefore, knowledge about prevention, awareness about health related issues are vital to combat, prevent fatal diseases. In district Thatta WISES has established an MCH center, Eye care center and Medical Dispensary, where free medical services are providing to the most vulnerable, marginalized and poor community of the district. During the torrential rain in 2010/11 in district Kamber ShahdadKot, WISES provided medical services to the affected communities through medical camps and more than 14,500 people received free medical services of the organization. Through community volunteers’ the organization has also raised awareness on disease prevention, proper medication and safe motherhood in the remote areas of Sindh.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS

It is an accepted fact the HIV/AIDS is not just a health issue but it is a very complex issue with social, cultural, economic and religious dimensions. HIV/AIDS is like a scourge and destroying the very fabric of society. The impact of HIV/AIDS may be felt as an immediate shock, as when a family lose its breadwinner or a key worker is lost in an organization. However, HIV/AIDS tends to increase the death rate in the age groups in which usually mortality is lowest (young and middle aged youth). In fact evidence shows that young people are most affective at changing the risk behaviors of their peers and shaping a better future for themselves and their families. WISES works on prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS by targeting the youth and adults, through community volunteers established centers conducted awareness sessions on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Our mission: to change the life of those, who have no hope!