In contemporary world education is considered as the only key for development. The developmental process of a nation is largely linked with the education of the citizen because it not only provides a trained human resource to the economy but also gives vision for a better and prosperous tomorrow. Education is the fundamental right of every human being and the only successful path to attain sustainable socio-economic development. No society can dream for development if substantial number of population is illiterate and a considerable proportion of population are out of school. In order to survive in the future, it should be highly projected that education needs to come on the top priority of every policy document. Therefore, realization is needed among the masses and the government that they should focus on the education sector. Education should be considered the pivotal point of balance for things to turn favorable. Still Pakistan is lagging behind the targets of MGDs and there is a dire need of more constructive steps to achieve all those targets.

Education for All

We believe that education is the right of every child and opportunity should be provided to access to education. The rapid population growth and low enrolment ratio are the major hurdles to achieve the universal primary education in the country. We provide an opportunity to children and adults through “Education for All” project, which is initially started in the district Thatta. Currently more than 300 students are enrolled in the school. Students belong from poor families who are hardly meet with their needs are provided the opportunity. An educational environment is not only providing opportunity for learning but also helping them to mold their personalities accordingly. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Increasing of School Enrollment through community Mobilization

Pakistan stands lowest in the global ranking of out of school children with only 56% primary school enrolment. The average global primary enrollment is 87%, on the other hand in the country more than 17 million children who are eligible as a primary school student are not enrolled in any institution. It shows the current poor state of Pakistan’s education. The promotion of increasing the primary enrollment is of critical importance to achieve one of the goals of MDGs. In addition, the least primary enrollment ratio is a barrier in the process of development. Therefore, through child protection centers WISES works directly with community to assist the most vulnerable, marginalized, poor children and women of affected communities. WISES encourages the enrollment of children particularly the girls by raising awareness among families, local community and other stakeholders. The organization also provides support to needy students.

Our mission: to change the life of those, who have no hope!