Advocacy has the potential to make a considerable difference in individuals’ lives. Some of these differences are small and indefinable, such as an increase in confidence and understanding choices, or gaining the skills to speak up for oneself. Other differences are much more significant and tangible, where the new “voice” obtained through advocacy support has meant that people are listened to in a way that allows them to influence the services they receive: for example, to live in a home of their own choosing or to have their human and civil rights upheld by challenging systems. Whether differences are big or small, the impact is the same: that of improving the quality of a person’s life.

Independent Advocacy offers support for people who are seeking resolutions to any issues that are of concern to them, by ensuring that their voice is heard and that they understand their civil and human rights. Advocacy is closely linked to the principles of Human Rights, disability discrimination, equality of opportunities and the social model of disability.

WISES has the vision to support those who by some reasons could not raise their voices and are not listened by the concerned authorities. We are committed to support that segment of society, by building their capacity, raise their awareness level and enable them to speak up for their rights.